Fun Facts about Limousines

Dallas Limousines are passionate about limousines; it’s more than just a job to us. We genuinely love making lasting memories through providing the best, quality vehicles and service having escorted many brides to their wedding day in Leeds and Bradford, providing a great experience for teenagers attending their prom in Leeds and providing the ultimate experience to graduates on their graduation day. We’ve even provided our stretch hummers for funerals, a day at the races and corporate clients – we simply love what we do and seeing how the experience means so much to the many people we have provided a service for in and around Leeds and Yorkshire.

So, to prove how much we love limousines, here are some facts about these amazing vehicles.

The first limo was invented in 1902 and the driver sat outside the vehicle. It was designed so the driver sat outside under a covered compartment. Limos did not resemble the large, stretch vehicles we have today. They looked more like stage coaches and the driver was not protected from the elements other than the cover over their compartment, so in the winter it would have been absolutely freezing.

This brings us back to the origin of the word limousine. The covered compartment that the driver sat under resembled a Limoge which was a type of cloak worn by shepherds in the Limousin region of France.

Limos used to look like buses and they became extremely popular in the 1940s with big band members like Glen Miller, carrying the musicians and their equipment to and from concerts.

Chauffeur means stoker in French. The first limousines were powered by steam so the driver literally stoked the engine.

Limousine’s were the first vehicles to have air conditioning installed way back in 1939. The unit was so large that it took about half the space in the trunk and did not have a way to measure the temperature.

Today limousines are simply amazing, with a range of safety features and luxury interiors that make them a genuinely superior mode of transport. To book your limousine experience in Leeds or Bradford, complete our form for a quotation or to book.